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Providing flexible forensic accountancy and expert witness services in the areas of Loss of Profits, Loss of Earnings, Disputes, Business Valuations, Insolvency, Divorce and Financial Fraud, tailored to individual circumstances

Unfortunately the economy is faced with a growing number of Civil and Criminal cases involving the alleged manipulation of Accountancy records. In those instances it is important to be able to carry out detailed investigations into the Accountancy procedures and to ascertain the extent, if any, of the falsification of the records.

Where the records are computerised, it is important to maintain whether or not the computer programmes are secure and tamper proof It is also vital to review the programmes to see whether they can definitely prove fraud by a person or persons; or whether the output would be subject to mis-interpretation.

Goddards Accountants Forensic Accountancy Department have considerable skill and experience in the major Accountancy Software packages and can provide detailed evidence in cases concerning accusations of fraud.

Goddards Accountants Forensic Accountancy Department are frequently called upon by members of the Legal Profession to advise on cases of alleged fraud involving the D.W.P. and unemployment benefit claims. As a result we are now well versed in the rules regarding Unemployment benefits, and often find allowances not taken into account by the D.W.P.

Find out more about the benefits Goddards Accountants Forensic Accountancy Department will bring to your company and e-mail us now. An initial consultation is free of charge.